Knowledge Technologies

knowledge technologies

HumanWare is an italian consulting firm focused on Business Process Reengineering and Human Resources management & education systems.

The Knowledge Technologies department is focused on developing and extending technologies and standards to provide integrated methods and services about Acquiring Knowledge, Modeling Knowledge, Reusing Knowledge, Retrieving Knowledge, Publishing Knowledge & Maintaining Knowledge Bases.

Possessing knowledge is a clear advantage in today's economy but, like any other asset, if it is inaccessible or unintelligible it becomes unuseable and unprofitable. It is a commonly held belief that we live in a world where there has been an explosion of data, information and knowledge. But knowledge is only of value when it can be used effectively and efficiently.

The management of knowledge is increasingly being recognised as a key element in extracting its value. We need to understand how best to take knowledge through a series of stages from its creation to its use providing a range of services aimed at maximising the potential of an organization's data by means of:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • GroupWare
  • Web Agents